"Mineola Swingers" Cases Reversed & Remanded -- Allegations of Smith County Prosecutorial Misconduct and Improper Actions by District Court

The 14th Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas has recently reversed and remanded two cases for new trials.  These cases have made significant headlines, with often wildly inaccurate reporting.  The Court's opinion in the 'primary' case can be read here:




Please read up on this for yourself.  JW


Murder-Attempted Suicide Case Concluded by Plea Agreement Sparing Death Penalty and Providing Possibility of Parole

Although a difficult situation for all involved, we are pleased with the outcome of this case.  The local newspaper's article can be found at the following link:




Smith County Jury Trial for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon ends with 8 year Sentence

After announcing to the Court that only a maximum sentence would suffice (20 years in the penitentiary), jury trial was had on this case and 12 years' confinement was spared for our client.  The local newspaper's article can be found here:



Texas Prosecutors' Website Chronicles Our Huge Success in obtaining Six Year Sentence for First Degree Murder in Rusk County

We received this link from one of our clients who was hunting our fax number online.  I find it very interesting, and remain convinced that the sentence was a compromise verdict -- in that, the jury believed our client was defending himself, but felt compelled to do 'something'.  A six year sentence for murder, frankly, is unheard of.  Here is the link:



Conspiracy to Commit Murder Case Ends with Plea to 6 Years in TDC; Co-Defendant received 18 Years

Many of our cases involve sad stories and no less is true of this.  I am pleased that our client will very soon have the opportunity to return to the 'real world' and rebuild his life.  Link to story is here:



Aggravated Sexual Assault Jury Trial Ends with Jury Giving Our Client Probation with No Jail time

This was a hard-fought battle.  In the end, I do not agree with the jury's verdict, but I am pleased that our client was able to walk out of the courtroom a free man.  Local news coverage is here:



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